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Must-Eats in South Korea

Korean food has always been a hot favourite and has been gaining a lot of hype thanks to the recent Hallyu Wave and K-Pop craze. Of course, the usual kimchi, ramyun and Korean BBQ comes to mind. However, apart from those that you commonly see in Korean dramas, there is still a never-ending list of nice, delectable food you can have and should try in South Korea.
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6 Things: Northern Lights in Reality

Have you ever dreamt of catching the Northern Lights? The Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) is a common experience on the bucket list for many and some would pay thousands to see this spectacular display of lights. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble… but let us provide a reality check to your thousand-dollar trip so you don’t go in blind: you may not get to see it at all.

Types of People You Want to Avoid on a Flight

There’s a love-hate relationship with flying.

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12 Souvenirs We’ve Had Enough of

How many times have you been excited about meeting up with a friend that has just returned from some vacation only to end up questioning your friendship after receiving the souvenir that they have put oh-so-much thought into buying for you?

Here are the 12 typical travel souvenirs you need to stop buying for your friends. Because as much as you believe in self-empowerment, you actually need friends in life.
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6 Tips on Travelling Without Roaming Data

There are some people who buy traveller SIM cards whenever they travel. However, these are expensive depending on the country you’re visiting. Here are some tips for those of you travelling without roaming and on a budget. Continue reading “6 Tips on Travelling Without Roaming Data”

11 Things Only Over-Packers Will Understand


You’ve tried

Tend to overpack? There are so many woes that only over-packers can identify with.  While we get judged by our company and feel embarrassed at some point in time for overpacking, we still feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day, and probably have no intention to change this habit of ours.

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5 Differences Travelling With Friends vs Family


5 Differences Travelling With Friends vs Family


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8 Types of People Who Try to Outsmart Pickpockets When Traveling

safeguard from pickpockets

There are two types of people in the world – those who still live in a sheltered world of unicorns and rainbows, and those that have learnt what the phrase “never keep your eggs in one basket” really means. Especially, if you have, or if you know people, that have been to this really eye-opening part of the world we call Eastern Europe.

Then there are the creative, paranoid ones.

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