Top 10 Rides That Will Never Bore You

Whether you are a thrill seeker bored by your typical roller coasters or just someone who wants to experience something different, this list is for you. Here’s a compilation of the best rides in the world you will never get sick of.


Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey

Universal Studios Orlando, Japan and Hollywood (finally!)
Scare factor: 1/5
On this list because: Your ultimate chance to be part of the Potter squad

We’re not even sure how to classify this attraction. Universal Studios, excellent with 3D and 4D stimulated rides, have done splendidly with this Harry Potter ride by combining stimulated visual effects with a robocoaster. Get on (once you’ve gotten past the 2 hour semi-entertaining queue) and feel like you are part of the movie – walking through the castle, flying alongside Harry, battling dragons and playing Quidditch. For fans as well as non-fans of the franchise. Holding on to the Best Dark Ride title for 5 years in a row since 2011, this is definitely one ride not to be missed.

Look ma, I am Harry Potter!


switzerland mountain coaster

Kandersteg, Switzerland
Scare factor: 2/5
On this list because: Probably the best refreshing scenery you will ever see on any coaster

More famously called the Switzerland Mountain Coaster (thanks to the viral video below), the 750 m long ride takes you through the view of the Oeschinensee mountain lake. Located at the top of the Oeschinensee cable car mountain station with an altitude of 1682 m, the tin toboggan ride is only open from 7 May to 23 October.


Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror Twilight Zone
Regular haunted house? Think again.

Walt Disney World (Orlando), Disneyland (California), Disney Park (Paris) and Tokyo DisneySea (Japan)
Scare factor: 3/5
On this list because: You will come back for more

This classic Disney ride has actually won multiple awards since the first Tower of Terror in 1994. An exceptional ride, a suspenseful plot that engages riders on various levels, multiple surprises at every turn, a hint of supernatural elements, a thrilling buildup, an elevator car ride, a 13-story drop – what’s not to love? A look at the blueprint of the ride shows just how complex the ride is – and how much you get out of it.

best theme park ride
Yes, drop me when the whole park can hear me scream

The retake factor is also high here because the drop sequence for each elevator car is chosen at random by the attraction’s computer system . The rides at each park differ slightly as well, with the original Walt Disney World version being the only one with the fifth dimension scene.


Stratosphere X Scream - best ride in the world
X Scream

Stratosphere, Las Vegas
Scare factor: 4/5
On this list because: The only lifetime experience of hanging off a 112-story building

The world’s third highest amusement ride is situated atop the Stratosphere hotel. Appearing on many adrenaline junkie’s bucket list, both rides are not for people with acrophobia. While there is no high speed involved, both the X Scream and Insanity ride will test your limits. We tried this at night and the scene was well worth it. We recommend taking the front row of X Scream for the full experience. If you would like to challenge your limits though, then you might prefer trying both rides in the day where the full height of the ride is more accurately perceived.

Stratosphere insanity best ride in the world


SCAD diving
Nothing but a net

Orlando Towers Adventure Park, Soweto, South Africa
Scare factor: 5/5
On this list because: Your chance to satisfy the curiosity of dying without dying

SCAD, short for Suspended Catch Air Device, or as we like to call it for the Seriously Crazy And Depressed, allows you to legally commit the act of suicide without the dying and jail term. Think of it as a free fall bungee or cordless bungee which allows you to freely fall without a rope or cord into nothing but a suspended net. Rare to find, but available in many parts of the world:

  • Orlando Towers Adventure Park, Soweto, South Africa (world’s highest)
  • Prague / Brno, Czech Republic
  • Inje Military Theme Park, South Korea (one and only in Asia)
  • Victoria Park, Lancashire, UK / Drop Zone UK
  • Zero Gravity, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Tivoli Friheden, Denmark


universal studios revenge of the mummy ride

Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore
Scare factor: 1/5
On this list because: Best indoor roller coaster 2015, 2013

There are many things going on in this ride that’s guaranteed to keep you captivated: fire, lots of fire, drops, sharp turns, sudden launches, track switches and a reverse backwards track (which the Hollywood version lacks). And the best part? It all happens in the dark. Such fun.


singapore gmax extreme swing
A test of guts with chosen victims friends

Clarke Quay, Singapore
Scare factor: 4/5
On this list because: A 15-story version of your neighbourhood swing

Free fall at 120 kph from a 50 m height over the Singapore River. Probably the best ride with the highest adrenaline rush you could get in Singapore as you are dragged backwards and upwards to prepare you for the drop. The moment where your body is hanging perpendicular to the ground and you feel yourself straining against the 2 straps is where you should utter your prayer.


universal studios transformers best 3D ride

Universal Studios Singapore, Hollywood, Orlando
Scare factor: 1/5
On this list because: Finally a refreshing special effects ride

Transformers: The Ride is the only amusement ride in this list that requires 3D glasses. It is most noted for its unbelievable 3D realism and novel theme park ride, very much unlike its roller coaster counterparts, praised by media around the world and ranked among the top theme park attractions. Another score for Universal Studios, securing it’s position in the 3D department. Transformers: The Ride is another one in this list that takes you inside the movies but caters to fans as well as non fans of the movie.


Falcon's Fury best drop tower in the world
How’d you fancy falling face down?

Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida
Scare factor: 5/5
On this list because: Your chance to experience the world’s only 90 degree face down drop tower

Currently North America’s tallest free-standing drop tower with a drop speed of 97 km/h, the attraction is supposed to mimic a falcon’s dive to catch its prey. To further invoke that, the seats are tilted at a 90 degree angle to the ground unlike other drop towers. (Wild birds all over the world deserve a standing ovation for the ordeal they go through daily.) Imagine the ground rushing up to your face at almost 100 km/h.

best drop tower in the world
View from the top – what scenery?

This is by far the most terrifying drop tower in the world ever.


Formula Rossa - best ride in the world

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, UAE
Scare factor: 3/5
On this list because: Your only chance to live the F1 dream

Going as fast as steam catapults on aircraft carriers at 240 km/h and accelerating in just 4.8 seconds, this might just be the fastest moving vehicle you can ever get on. The track is inspired by the Italian legendary racetrack Autodromo Nazionale Monza and riders are required to wear protective glasses due to its high speed to protect them from the impact with insects. Whatever you do, do not open your mouth to scream.

Best fastest ride in the world


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