Types of People You Want to Avoid on a Flight

There’s a love-hate relationship with flying.

1. Crying and wailing kids. Though you understand that most of the time they can’t help it, sometimes you wonder if it is all done on purpose. How else do you explain their ability to sleep throughout take off and landing and wail only during the remaining 12 hours that the plane is flying without turbulence.

crying babies on planes
Now that’s a great idea

Honest, deepest woe to the person sitting beside one.

2. People with so many bulky hand carries, it looks like they brought their entire house on board.annoying people on board

Doesn’t annoy you till you sit next to one. Or down the rows from one, depending on size of house they bring on board.


3. People with great affinity with the toilets. On days when you have a full schedule ahead once you land and are trying to maximize the amount of sleep you have on board a night flight, you get seated next to someone with a window seat that has an issue with his/her bladder.toilet hoarders in airplanesIf you really need the sleep, we strongly recommend you to request for window seats.

4. We cant quite decide which it worse. The snorers…

annoying people on flights

Or sleepers that do not respect personal space.

annoying people on flights
oh, you’ll know when your shoulder has become another’s pillow

5. Space invaders. Most of you are likely to have your fair share of encounters with such inconsiderate travelers on board.inconsiderate people on board

The legroom warriors who have their seats reclined at the expense of your comfort…annoying people on boardOr they stop you from reclining your seat at the slightest bit. (We’re not kidding, a plane was diverted over a fight regarding these knee defenders.)

annoying people on airplane
Territorial war, game on

Then, there’s the armrest fighters who try to push you off even though you claimed it first.

6. Not forgetting the latecomers that often cause flights to be delayed. Especially so when you are transiting to another flight that departs soon after the scheduled time of arrival.annoying late people on flights

7. And lastly, the kicker. It confuses us because what exactly in the world is going on in the club at 26F that is affecting 25E, 25F and 25G.

kickers on flights
well, now we know. Defensive mechanism.

Got through this list without an increase in blood pressure level? We certify you an angel. Some of us humans sadly go through such trials.

Know anyone that has experienced such annoying people on flights? Or know anyone that does any of the above on board? Send them this link or share it with anyone you know that is flying soon.

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