11 Things Only Over-Packers Will Understand


You’ve tried

Tend to overpack? There are so many woes that only over-packers can identify with.  While we get judged by our company and feel embarrassed at some point in time for overpacking, we still feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day, and probably have no intention to change this habit of ours.

develop muscles due to overpacking

1. You tend to develop some muscles after every long trip. Because our belongings are always so heavy, it is almost like lifting weights in the gym. Aching muscles during and after trips is nothing new to you.

heavy-luggage2. You prefer to take trains and coaches. As meeting the weight limit is always an issue, you would readily choose trains and coaches over flights despite longer travelling time.

overpacked luggage

3. It’s always a chore when in comes to deciding what to bring and what not to. This or that? How about both? “Just in case” never fails to pop up in your mind when packing.


4. You perpetually have at least one foldable hand carry with you as part of your contingency plan. You cannot be more thankful for the foresight.

“Hahahaha no.”

5. Your friends that laugh at you for over-packing borrow from you. Always.

struggles at airport

6. You find yourself going to the airport earlier than necessary in case repacking is needed.

overpacking the essentials7. You try to be as prepared as possible for every activity on your itinerary and end up almost fitting your entire wardrobe into your suitcases. Everything just seems to be necessary.

six-sweaters-joey-friends8. Having ridiculous airport fashion. You have layers after layers on to save some luggage space. We may end up looking odd and out of place, but all that matters is getting on the flight without major issues with baggage allowance. Excess baggage is expensive.


9. You have resorted to negotiating with the counter staff to let you pass.

over packed luggage

10. Your luggage bags are so full and packed that it takes ages to close them.


11. Lastly, you cannot help but feel self-impressed after each trip. It just seems so unbelievable how much we can pack and bring on board with us.

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